Production optimisation software.

XPLORE is an intelligent field monitoring tool that uses a graphically rich user interface to rationalise process data, allowing rapid and informed decision-making. XPLORE is a portal to your process.

What it Does

XPLORE integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, enhancing the management of asset data independently of control system, data historian or software supplier. Because XPLORE allows you to interrogate the raw data and apply engineering calculations, you can gain valuable insights into your process, and maximise process uptime.

XPLORE streamlines the operational and engineering effort involved in monitoring process efficiency, equipment integrity and overall asset performance by using consistent calculations in such a way that the results are both up-to-date and shared for the maximum benefit of all stakeholders.

XPLORE has a state-of-the-art interface, so that all asset support personnel can access information through role-based visualisation tailored to their specific requirements. Thus operators can access production data and real-time calculations that improve plant performance. Process support can view historical trends, allowing them to plan preventive maintenance and maximise asset availability. And asset managers can review plant KPIs to ensure compliance and optimised productivity.

The benefits associated with these visualisation tools range from simple monitoring of equipment through more detailed optimisation techniques to user-friendly techniques for asset allocation and emissions estimation. XPLORE also enables asset managers to determine the optimal production strategy using predictive and what-if analysis techniques.

XPLORE gives you secure, up-to-the-minute access to enhanced production data from any location. You simply provide your users with access to the system through a standard Internet connection, using a standard web browser. The web interface is customised to your requirements.