XAMIN; The future of managing your operations

Xodus has the answer to all your asset data problems. XAMIN makes your asset data work for you.

With its modules specifically designed to modernise and optimise operational tasks and challenges. This integrated software brings together decades worth of operational products in one package, reimagining the way software should interact, supercharging the impact it can have. XAMIN gives you a holistic picture of what is going on with our asset, from subsea integrity to managing CO2 emissions. This platform provides dedicated screens ensuring Asset Managers have all the necessary information at their fingertips, with the ability to drill down into any arising issues quickly, allowing them to make well informed decisions to optimise asset performance;

XAMIN IM – Managing your Integrity cycle through every step. Allowing our clients to optimise their workflows, automatically tying data together to ensure both consistency and efficiency. This element allows engineers to get beyond data handling to solving the issues that they are discovering.

XAMIN Production Surveillance – Giving operators the tools they need to see how their plant is performing. Bringing our technical expertise in production and flow assurance together with our digital capability to allow operators to solve a vast array of visualisation and contextualisation problems – from a full process digital twin to simple start up monitoring our tools have delivered massive savings to our clients.

XAMIN Emissions – The first step in the journey to net zero is for us to get a handle on exactly what emissions we have. Combining our world leading technical capability with a digital solution allows us to embed our expertise into your processes. Making emissions information available to all teams and to give the visibility of how the choices they make each day affects the overall outcome.

Beyond reporting Xodus can combine the power of our process and emissions capabilities to provide constant oversight of the optimised operating envelope for your asset, allowing you to make the changes immediately to deliver the best performance.

XAMIN Vibration – Taking our IM module to the next level of detail with regards the threat of vibration failures. Combining vibration integrity management with onsite measurement capability and remote monitoring solutions to ensure issues are caught early, monitored and actioned in a traceable manner.

XAMIN Environment – Starting life as a regulatory reporting tool XAMIN environment has grown to support all aspects of environmental management in line with regulatory requirements. It streamlines the permitting process and enables efficient tracking of chemical use and discharge. It also has modules to track oil in water discharges and waste. An auditable system that is recognised by the UK regulator

XAMIN Maintenance – Allowing users to see through the cloud of maintenance information and tasks that they have, to focus on what is really important for their safety and environmentally critical items. Helping find the balance of compliance and cost savings.

XAMIN Decom – Providing oversight of the key interfaces between late life operations and decommissioning activities. This element ensures your organisation is working as one team to achieve the best possible final result for your operations in relation to cost, schedule, strategy and regulatory compliance. After all it doesn’t matter how well you started, if you finish badly.

XAMIN Renewables – For offshore wind, we have brought together inspection, maintenance, interventions, IM, operations and budgeting to give you a tool to manage and enhance the performance of your assets from day one, benefitting from all the lessons already learned by our existing clients. Suitable for fixed and floating offshore wind, this element can support all aspects of plant operations.

Integration with 3rd party systems – At Xodus we don’t have the ego to think that you will need all of our tools, and we understand that you will already have systems in place that have been successful and have years of data housed within them. Our methodology is to work alongside your successes, fill the gaps in the system that you don’t yet have and replace systems that you have found to be unfit for your needs.