An interview with… Caroline Strachan

Caroline Strachan, one of our Process Engineers, provides us with some insights into the technical side of assessing the infrastructure and modifications required to enable electrification. 

Read the interview below.

Caroline Strachan


Role: Field Development Consultant 
Years in industry: 18
Years at Xodus: 13

What role are you taking on the Harbour Energy electrification project? 

I am the Process Engineer for this project. I will be primarily focussed on understanding the various platform power and heat demands and how this could change over time. I will also be identifying the different technology options available for providing the required process heat.    

What project experience helped you tackle this scope?

My previous experience looking at concept developments such as subsea tiebacks to existing facilities will be really helpful. A lot of the challenges are similar in both how you access the asset and the brownfield modifications required to support the development.   

What will be the biggest challenge of this scope?

The biggest challenge of this scope will be trying to make sure all the options and flavours of electrification, from both a supply and implementation perspective, are thought about and assessed at an appropriate level of detail. 

What key skills are needed for electrification scopes?

Understanding of how facilities actually work and what scale of changes are required to move to an electrified operation is key. This also needs to integrate with knowledge of how renewable energy can be generated and transmitted to facilities, either from shore or offshore.

What have you learnt so far from this scope 

Already, we have learnt so much from this scope, understanding issues which go far beyond just the technical side of implementing an electrification project. For me, the key lesson that we need to take forward is to consider the scale of an electrification project first before getting into the detail of how to deliver it.