Mike Sinclair, Process Engineer, chats about his energy career so far.

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Mike Sinclair


Role: Process Engineer
Years in oil and gas: 5
Years at Xodus: 1

What have you seen change in the last 12 – 24 months in the industry?

I’ve worked on emissions reduction initiatives and more automation than ever before. Not only are our clients looking to bring down emissions from existing assets, they are also looking to break into new areas of cleaner energy. Digitalisation is playing a significant role during this industry transition in providing new ways to deliver engineering and support remote operations.

 How has this changed the work you do?

I have been involved in a series of emissions reduction workshops, helping clients take action towards meeting aggressive emissions reduction targets. This type of work was not the typical focus we would see from clients a few years ago and is a result of a changing industry. I also have developed an entirely new skillset of programming that I use every day to automate and enhance the efficiency of workflows in my team.

Why do you think you have been able to transfer your skills to a new field?

As engineers, we are equipped with a set of problem solving skills that allow us to take on challenges of many forms. Fundamentally, the ability to problem solve is our greatest strength and this is not specific to any one field or form of energy. The skillset of an engineer is transferrable, as proven by myself and my colleagues entering the digital space, and I believe we are all capable of making the transition to cleaner energy.

What type of project would you like to be involved with next?

I have embraced digitalisation as part of my day-to-day work, stepping outside of my role as a process engineer and into the shoes of an automation engineer. This is allowing me to actively take part in the digital transformation of the Xodus business, through the use of python based scripts and tools. I look forward to making a similar jump outside of my comfort zone and utilising my wider skillset to get involved with a renewable energy project in the future.