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The angel’s share of climate responsibility

Scotland has some of the most ambitious climate targets in the world, with a legally-binding goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2045. This is particularly stringent as the government has stated it will not pay for carbon offsets to help attain it. Net-zero emissions are to be accomplished through reducing the combustion of fossil fuels and enhancing the quality of carbon sinks within Scotland. Achieving net-zero by 2045 requires concerted effort across every sector, including one of Scotland’s most iconic industries: the production of Scotch whisky.

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What feels off about carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets can take many forms. There are nature-based solutions, such as planting new trees, saving trees that would otherwise be cut down, and restoring soils, peatlands, and mangroves. There are energy-based solutions, either replacing fossil fuel generation with renewables or enhancing energy efficiency measures so less fuel is required. And there are pollution-prevention schemes, such as collection and combustion of methane (e.g. in anaerobic digesters), and destruction of industrial pollutants (e.g. HFCs and PFCs) at source.

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Hampton Roads Alliance selects Xodus Group to conduct offshore wind supply chain research project

The Hampton Roads Alliance has partnered with Xodus Group and BW Research to conduct a major offshore wind supply chain study for the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. The project will be used to build out the US offshore wind industry in Hampton Roads and identify key opportunities for economic expansion.

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