Climate Risk

The climate is changing. Physically, economically and socially. Supply chains are being disrupted and infrastructure damaged by severe and more frequent weather events. Markets, policies and regulations are rapidly changing as we accelerate the global transition to a low carbon economy. In parallel consumers and social groups are challenging large carbon emitters over their contributions to climate change.

What does this mean for business leaders? For centuries, decisions have been made based on a relatively stable global climate, this means that the current models we use to quantify risk need rethinking.

Societal and political changes, geographical granularity, a constant changing climate and our bias towards what we already know …all make for complicated nuances to feed into business leaders’ decision making.

Assessing climate risk, responding and disclosing is new to most companies however at Xodus this is what we do. Our Experts simplify the uncertainty and complexities in the assessment process so that you can make fully informed decisions and realise opportunities. Our clients have confidence in our strategic advice because it is underpinned by real-life, practical experience. From assessing climate related risks and opportunities, understanding and addressing the financial and practical implications, architecting the diversification of portfolios to disclosing under relevant frameworks. We will support you.

Some of our climate risk experts

Global Head of Advisory and Energy Transition

Jon leads our team advising on $8-12 billion of assets, annually and is often at the forefront of major energy infrastructure investment trends.

Climate Risk and Decarbonisation

As an innovation catalyst focused on Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Christina is passionate about designing and accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy.

Principal Consultant, Advisory

Dan leads all things infrastructure related from gas pipeline transactions to carbon capture and storage projects.

Senior Energy Transition Engineer

Graeme helps clients minimise energy use and emissions, whilst maximising production. He also helps them plan for medium and long term solutions such as harnessing CCUS and hydrogen power.

Insights in focus

UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Strategy

UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Strategy

In response to the UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas Removals strategy… Christina Horspool - Innovation Catalyst – Climate Risk and Decarbonisation at Xodus We very much welcome the recognition of the purpose of Greenhouse Gas Removals (GGRs) to balance residual...

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An interview with… EVA LandYou haven't been at Xodus long, what attracted you to join?Xodus has a strong commitment to innovation and to its people. In my interview I learned about some of the Xodus’ digitalization products and was hooked. Since I have been working at...

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Other related insights

Bankability and ScotWind

Bankability and ScotWind

The ScotWind auction sees us entering the era of floating offshore wind installations. But this can only happen if uncertainties surrounding technology, engineering design, supply chain, installation, interfaces, contracts, operational efficiency, and revenues can be reduced.

ScotWind as a Tipping Point for the Scottish Supply Chain?

While the initial celebrations following this week’s ScotWind announcement may gradually be coming to an end, the party for the Scottish supply chain is just getting started. With just under 25GW in option agreements awarded, including 14.5GW of floating offshore wind capacity, ScotWind looks exactly like the supply chain opportunity that we’ve been hoping for.



With the Scotwind announcements earlier this week Xodus is looking at how to help deliver projects but also maximise the buildability of the different floating wind concepts within the industry.


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