Challenging and ambitious targets are where we work at our best.

We recognise the scale of the climate challenge and its criticality, we understand that having a commitment to reducing emissions across your portfolio of assets, and ambitious targets, are absolutely necessary but not enough. It is the action that both underpin and follow the decarbonisation commitment.

Challenging and ambitious targets are where we work at our best, utilising and manipulating large complex data sets to generate insights and realise opportunity for our clients. Leaders in Emission Management, Innovation and Energy across the entire lifecycle of energy projects we operate from the valve to the boardroom.

Emission management and accelerating emission reduction, applying first principles engineering to drive the correct emissions profile, is routine business for us. Where we add real value is our approach to how we deliver it. We digitise the process, really support stakeholder engagement and messaging, and provide the foundation for data management that will facilitate continuous improvement and disclosure of emission reductions through the asset’s lifecycle.

Our global experts work within a Decarbonisation taskforce to share knowledge, collaborate and inspire change. A few of our experts share some of their thoughts below.

Some of our decarbonisation experts

Climate Risk and Decarbonisation

As an innovation catalyst focused on Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Christina is passionate about designing and accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy.

Principal Consultant, Advisory

Dan leads all things infrastructure related from gas pipeline transactions to carbon capture and storage projects.


Natasha’s broad energy industry experience combined with  in depth understanding of emissions regulations and their practical applications puts her in an unrivalled position in industry to support the development of emission reduction strategies.

Senior Energy Transition Engineer

Graeme helps clients minimise energy use and emissions, whilst maximising production. He also helps them plan for medium and long term solutions such as harnessing CCUS and hydrogen power.

Insights in focus

UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Strategy

UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Strategy

In response to the UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas Removals strategy… Christina Horspool - Innovation Catalyst – Climate Risk and Decarbonisation at Xodus We very much welcome the recognition of the purpose of Greenhouse Gas Removals (GGRs) to balance residual...

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An interview with… EVA LandYou haven't been at Xodus long, what attracted you to join?Xodus has a strong commitment to innovation and to its people. In my interview I learned about some of the Xodus’ digitalization products and was hooked. Since I have been working at...

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