A new consultancy approach

Rebecca Hewlett

Rebecca Hewlett

Director of Renewables & Environment

Following yesterday’s announcement that Subsea 7 and Simply Blue Group are developing the Salamander floating wind project, our Renewables and Environment Director Rebecca Hewlett provides an insight into how Xodus took a completely different consultancy approach in developing this concept from inception.

Looking at Xodus, the traditional consultancy model means that we are typically brought in when an obstacle is in the way of a project – an EIA or technical study – and we are reactive to the need of a client. At the same time, our client is taking most of the development risk while the consultant takes very little. What we have tried to do with Salamander is completely different.

Instead, we created this opportunity together with a partner from the outset as we believe it is the right thing to do and can achieve joint success. We are breaking down the client-contractor approach where we are only called when needed. Instead, we have the expertise and knowledge to be architects of an opportunity and solve potential issues from the very beginning.

I often compare the early stage of a project to a three-legged stool – with commercial, technical and environmental as the legs. If one is unstable or breaks, then the whole chair will come down. This is where we are in a strong position as a consultancy as we have the ability to provide this holistic, 360-degree view on projects. There are very few consultancies that have this ability.

We look forward to working in partnership with our clients in further developing the floating wind sector in the UK and internationally.

Read the full press release about the Salamander Floating Windfarm Project on the Subsea 7 website here: https://bit.ly/2PHK20S