Ultimately, I want Xodus to be a company that attracts the best talent with an environment where we can all be ourselves and feel like we belong.

Steve Swindell

Managing Director

We want everyone at Xodus to feel that they truly belong and can bring their authentic selves, perspectives and ideas to work. Our focus on creating and sustaining an inclusive culture is to ensure everyone feels valued, empowered to be their best and to embed trust, fairness and equality at the core of our organisation. We want all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, background, religion, beliefs, disability, personality types or any other attributes to feel welcomed, included, have a voice and thrive at Xodus.
Dami Ladeinde

Diversity and Inclusion Transformation Manager

Bringing people together

In 2019 we set out a bold vision that “together, we will deliver a responsible energy future”. Bringing people together is as much about diverse skillsets as it is about creating a sense of belonging; creating a platform where everyone can feel their best and perform at their best. Plus have a lot of fun doing what we do!

We are pretty good at it, but there’s always room for improvement. Our 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report¬†highlights our ambitions around gender and the appointment of a Diversity and Inclusion Transformation Manager (you can hear from her in the report). We are on a journey (sorry for the clich√©); bringing people together and ensuring they feel they belong is right at the heart of it.